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Cedarwood Gallery can retouch faded color, restore damaged photos,

and most importantly, preserve your memories.

We have helped many customers restore family heirlooms and historical photographs.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your photo restoration.


Your images can be restored or improved professionally at very reasonable prices.

Basic Procedures
Add Text
Background Change
Color Correction
Fix Clothes
Fix Hair, Skin, or Something Else
Lighten/Darken Area
Red Eye Repair
Remove Person(s) or Thing(s)

Extremely Damaged Image Restoration
Restoration of extremely damaged images, which require extensive

image reconstruction can often be accomplished.

Image reconstruction is required, for example, when a large and important part of a photograph is torn away or obliterated

by damage -- e.g. the side of a person's face or a person's leg.

 Many images have been cut around the edges, taped together or exposed to substances that have deteriorated the surface.

Digital Handcoloring
Our professional coloring system allows custom colorizing instructions, for total or

selective colorization, or artist's discretion colorizing.

Watercolors, Oils, Pastels and Drawings
This quality-driven service melds photography and fine art media to create new imaging options.

Whatever your image editing or restoration needs, we can do it!
























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